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Election season 2016 can be characterized by one thing: Never before have so many people felt they have to vote for a candidate they dislike because they dislike the other candidate even more.

We offer products that allow one to express dissatisfaction, to express the fact that while you are voting, its voting under duress. 

Its sad that many feel the choices are so poor that voting is an act of desperation rather than positive affirmation:

Hobson's Choice: Have any candidate you like as long as you pick one who sucks!
There's no way to come out smelling like a rose on this, but with our products, you don't have to...
Nose sealing is excellent, I'm using these in my morgue and can't wait to vote now that I have some protection: safe voting is just like safe sex.
Morticia Addams
If you think its bad now, wait until after the election...
Praise the Lord and pass the valium

Leaving both hands free to vote!